Polar Running Expeditions: Greenland Ice Cap

In May 2018 Dixie, Erik and Christoph went to Greenland, together with the other members of the inaugural Polar Running Expedition. During more than a week, they headed East, towards the amazing Greenlandic icecap, 95km North of the polar circle.

Currently we have 1 upcoming expedition to Greenland scheduled.
Greenland Ice Cap: 04/2021 (exact dates t.b.c.)

A day by day overview of the expedition…
Day 1: Arrival in Copenhagen, transfer to the hotel
Day 2: Breakfast and transfer to the airport Flight to Kangerlussuaq with Air Greenland Transfer in 4×4 minibus to our base in Kangerlussuaq
Meal and overnight in Kangerlussuaq
Day 3-7: 5 “point-to-point” Polar Running days
The 5-day route does not make a big loop but does a zigzag movement. Should a helicopter have to reach us, it would never take more than 15minutes. We spend 4 nights in special equipped expedition tents. The materials for the basecamp is moved every day by the logistics crew via the dirt road about 10 km towards the ice cap. The whole group helps to bring the material from the dirt road to the base camp on sleds or is carried by everyone if there is no snow in the Tundra regions. The meals consist of adventurous expedition meals and sporting snacks.
Day 7 (evening): Meal and overnight in Kangerlussuaq
Day 8: Transfer to the airport
Flight to Copenhagen with Air Greenland
Arrival in Copenhagen and hotel stay
Day 9: breakfast and check-out, transfer to the international airport

IMG_9288About the running…

Covering daily distances of 25 to 30 km will take between five to seven hours but this can vary depending on the running level of the group, terrain conditions or weather conditions. For safety reasons, the expedition group always runs together. The 2 guides of Polar Running Expeditions decide which route is being run that day and will communicate any changes to the participants in a daily update gathering.

The participants have to bring their personal small running backpack for water, trail snacks, extra clothing, first aid … while running. The terrain is a mix of gravel road and single track, but mostly just off track. We run over rocks, snow, ice and the Greenland tundra.

Your physical condition

Obviously a running expedition like this requires a good physical condition of all participants. Only in this way the Expedition team is able to run together for 5 days on challenging terrain. Upon submission of your application we kindly ask to provide your running experience.
This will be evaluated by the Polar Running Expedition team, who will decide whether you can be accepted. If you get green light, you can register for this trip. We will also ask you to sign a medical certificate.

Physical requirements: Ideally you have finished a marathon over the past 4 years or submit a list of achievements with relevant running experience. Most participants ran 2 or 3 marathons before they registered for a Polar Running Expedition and started training.

Once you are registered, we will get you mentally and physically ready by:
A preparation weekend in Belgian Ardennes, UK or Switzerland. This is optional but strongly recommended! We meet each other, become familiar with the expedition material, we can optimally assess the running level of the group, you can ask specific questions … Participants who do not participate in the weekend can discuss any questions via Skype or Facetime with the expedition guides

Physical and mental training tips

Advice on personal clothing and what to wear when running

How to register?
To register for one of our Polar Running Expeditions, please submit your running experience. Every application is reviewed individually to check runners have the necessary experience to run 5 consecutive days in the polar regions. The expedition team will contact you within 3 working days to discuss your running experience. If you are selected and still want to participate, you will receive an invoice and pay the advance. From then on, your booking is final.

What costs to expect?
Depending on your inbound flight into Denmark, you should foresee a total cost of €4.500. This could be a bit less or more, depending on early bird discounts or extra flight costs. Contact us for the latest details and insights on the cost structure.

Want to learn more? Don’t hesitate to contact the expedition leaders with all your questions!